Yes. These documents have overlapping purposes. The LUP addresses the built environment.  Page 9 of the Big Sur Coast Land Use Plan Document notes “The following basic goal…defined by the Citizens Advisory Committee: “To preserve for posterity the incomparable beauty of the Big Sur country, its special cultural and natural resources, its landforms and seascapes and inspirational vistas. To this end, all development must harmonize with and be subordinate to the wild and natural character of the land.” 

The DSP addresses the episodic impacts of vehicles and people on the health and safety of our community and its natural environment. Recommendations found in the DSP “strive to reach a balance between public access, environmental protection, successful business strategies and sustainable quality of life for the resident population” of Big Sur, To ensure that sufficient attention was paid to adherence to the LUP, Lee Otter (a strategic advisor for the LUP) served on the DSP steering committee.