Big Sur Pledge

Big Sur needs your help.

The recent increase in the number of visitors is challenging the safety and wellbeing of residents, visitors and the fragile natural environment. All of us can make a positive difference to protect and nurture Big Sur. Help us by taking and activating the Big Sur Pledge.

The Pledge

Photo Credit Lisa Kleissner


Share our coastal roads in a safe manner.


Be mindful of the impact of my actions.

Photo Credit Lisa Kleissner
Photo Credit Daniel Bianchetta


Protect and respect Big Sur’s natural resources, public and private property, residents, employees, and visitors.


Leave no trace and not damage or take what is not mine.

Photo Credit Lisa Kleissner
Photo Credit Big Sur Campground


Camp only where allowed.


Be vigilant and fire safe.

Photo Credit Lisa Kleissner
Photo Credit Lisa Kleissner


Be a steward of this precious resource for the enjoyment of all.


Honor the spirit of Big Sur as it honors me.

Photo Credit Tim Huntington

Take The Pledge

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    100,000 Pledge Goal


    (Sold at Henry Miller Library, Big Sur Lodge, Treebones Resort)