CABS cultivates and actively pursues partnerships with the resident community, local businesses, and emergency first responders of Big Sur; visitors, outdoor enthusiasts, environmental nonprofits; and the county, state and federal jurisdictional stakeholders.

CABS has shown the capacity to effectively work with other members of the Big Sur Multi-agency Advisory Council on a wide range of items affecting our community and led the way on forming and managing weekly meetings in 2020 to address a range of issues related to the onset of the pandemic. 

In partnership with community volunteers and GIS technology, CABS gathers data to inform stakeholders about conditions related to events like illegal camping and illegal campfires. The data from this community work is being translated into long term policy planning, for example, through the Visitor Use Management process in which the USFS is reevaluating  how / where visitor activities such as camping may take place on federal land with an eye on limiting detrimental behaviors and promoting sustainability.