There are a variety of ways in which CABS reaches out to the Big Sur community.  For a list of activities, check out this section of our website. 

Board members and the ED reach out directly to members of our community and the broader public as part of our ongoing community initiatives. Also, members of the community as well as the media and other community organizations outside of Big Sur reach out to CABS through our email address. Community interest updates are sent to CABS members on topics of general community interest. CABS also conducts annual meetings where the board and the ED provide information on past and future projects, as well as provide a forum for discussion. We also post updates on our social media accounts. As is customary for non-profit organizations our board of directors meetings are open to the public.

Additionally, community-wide meetings are occasionally held for feedback on proposed new initiatives such as the Destination Stewardship Plan for which there was a community meeting at the Grange in August of 2019. And when there is a local disaster or crisis, such as COVID, road closures or fires, our board reaches out to Big Sur businesses and/or to individuals impacted to facilitate grants to offset the economic impacts for individuals and families.