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CABS Logo – Jerraldine Masten Hansen 

Welcome Page:

  • Kodiak Greenwood (masthead)
  • Photo Strip Left to Right
    • Big Sur Park School
    • Michelle Magdalena (Big Sur Fashion Show)
    • Kate Novoa (Condors, Highway 1)
  • Lisa Kleissner (Big Sur West Horizon footer)

Who We Are:

  • Patte Kronlund (Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge)
  • Noel Walling (Protest)
  • Weston Call  (Love Big Sur)
  • Magnus Toren (Henry Miller Memorial Library)
  • Photo Strip Left to Right
    • Big Sur InternationalMarathon (photo strip left)
    • Kate Novoa (Esalen)
    • Big Sur Fire (Dan Gearhart)
    • Big Sur Stage Kids!

What We Do:

  • Kate Novoa (Basin Complex Fire 2008)
  • Kodiak Greenwood (Soberanes Fire)
  • Weston Call (Sycamore Canyon Shuttle)
  • Patte Kronlund (CABS Donor Thank You Letters)
  • Photo Strip Left to Right
    • Gabe Case (Case Family Home Re-build)
    • Kate Novoa (Pfeiffer Ridge Fire 2013)
    • DMT Imaging (Mud Creek Landslide 2017)
    • Kodiak Greenwood (Basin Complex Fire 2013)

CABS Board & Calendar :

  • Evynn LeValley (Big Sur Grange masthead)

Community Resources:

  • Big Sur Park School (masthead)


  • Lisa Krieger (Bixby Bridge masthead)
  • Kodiak Greenwood (Rocky Creek Bridge)
  • Butch Kronlund (Bixby Bridge)
  • Weston Call (Sycamore Canyon Shuttle)
  • Honey Williams (CCT Big Sur Section Meeting)
  • Butch Kronlund (Emergency Svcs 2017 Road Closure)
  • Patte Kronlund (Naval Facility Point Sur)


  • Patte Kronlund (Light House Flats masthead)
  • Photo Strip Left to Right
    • Logan Norton (Big Sur Fashion Show)
    • Henry Miller Memorial Library
    • Kodiak Greenwood (Basin Complex Fire 2008)
    • Big Sur Stage Kids!


  • Lisa Kleissner (Garrapata Beach masthead)
  • Jerraldine Masten Hansen (logo)
  • Debi Lorenc (Upper Rocky Creek Community & Road)


PO Box 59 Big Sur,
CA 93920



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